Thursday, 15 October 2020

#BeingInterrupted - HeartEdge zoom conversations


A series of online conversations hosted by Al Barrett, Ruth Harley and Sharon Prentis, as part of ‘Living God’s Future Now’, the HeartEdge online festival of ideas.

Using selected content from the book Being Interrupted: Re-imagining the Church’s Mission from the Outside, In (co-written by Al Barrett and Ruth Harley, to be published by SCM Press, 30 November 2020) as a starting point, these 6 sessions will seek to confront the multiple privileges, divisions and obliviousnesses that haunt both wider society and the church itself, and especially race, class, gender, and the marginalizing of children and the non-human world. We will tease out the ways in which these fault lines are reinforced by the ways in which we imagine, talk about, and practise ‘mission’ – and explore how they might be interrupted, disrupted and transformed.


The sessions will be introduced and facilitated by Al Barrett, Ruth Harley and Sharon Prentis, and also include contributions from special guests, opportunities for small group conversations in breakout groups, and a final plenary putting some questions and comments to the panel...

  • Al Barrett is Rector of Hodge Hill Church in east Birmingham, and has spent the last 10 years living and working on a multi-ethnic outer estate.
  • Ruth Harley is an ordinand at Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, is attached to Hodge Hill Church, and came into training for ordination as an experienced minister with children and young people.
  • Sharon Prentis is Intercultural Mission Enabler and Dean of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Affairs in the diocese of Birmingham.


Session title & details

Invited guests

Fri 16 Oct, 2pm

‘Fault lines in society and Church’

multiple privileges, divisions & obliviousnesses

·         Anthony Reddie

·         Lynne Cullens

Thu 22 Oct, 3.30pm

‘Missional economies and institutional anxieties’

…and how we imagine our neighbours

·         Guli Francis-Dehqani

·         Robb Sutherland

Thu 5 Nov, 12pm

‘Jesus, interrupted’

…how and where we think about Jesus, when we think about mission

·         Jennifer Harvey

·         Augustine Tanner-Ihm

Mon 9 Nov, 4.30pm

‘Life at the edges’

…exploring an ‘alternative missional economy’, discovering abundance (and challenge) in the edge-places

·         Paul Wright with Clare McLean & Sahra Farah (Hodge Hill)

·         Cathy Ross

Mon 16 Nov, 4.30pm

‘What would the Roman centurion do?’

…cross and repentance

·         Azariah France-Williams

·         Rachel Mann

w/c 23 Nov (TBC)

‘Resurrection from the compost heap’

·         (TBC)

·         Annika Matthews

How to book...

Keep an eye on the HeartEdge website - and their 'Living God's Future Now' Facebook page- to book your place in any of these conversations - or search Eventbrite for 'Being Interrupted'.

How to buy the book!

Being Interrupted: Re-imagining the Church's Mission from the Outside, In, by Al Barrett & Ruth Harley (with illustrations by Ally Barrett), is published by SCM Press on 30th November 2020. You can pre-order it from SCM Press here: