Monday, 27 January 2020

#FindingTheTreasure: Good News from the Estates (podcasts)

As part of the Estates Theology project (a project I have the privilege to coordinate), we've been working with Whistledown Productions and the CofE Comms department to produce 4 podcasts, sharing some of the voices, stories and reflections from 3 of our 6 estate contexts, with a final podcast (due to be released in February) of a round-table conversation reflecting on what we've heard, and on the journey of listening we've been on together.

The podcasts are on the CofE SoundCloud, and there are links to each of them here:

Wythenshawe - weaving on the streets, listening to what gives local people life, and what gives them grief

Twydall - the making of the 'Twydall Declaration', speaking bold affirmations (and rejections) from the estate to the wider church and world

Rubery - catching glimpses of the Kingdom of God in 'non-places' and 'border-crossing'

Look out for the final podcast, coming soon!