Tuesday, 31 December 2013

In this new year...

In this new year
I will
not check Twitter
while the kids are splashing
in the bath
and put away
the phone and iPad and laptop
by 10pm
and go to bed
the things
I have been thankful for
and try to remember
to do the laundry
and give up
and walk more
and try again
to grow vegetables
and embrace
and spend a day
each month
with some nuns
and hand-write
plenty of thank-you notes
and pray
for those
I've said
I'll pray for
and go swimming
in the odd gap
in my working week
and grab
more chances
to go on hot dates
with my wife
and think twice
in the middle
of arguments
and turn anger
into action
and not just retweets
on Twitter
and work on
quality not quantity
with friends
and strangers
and knock
on more doors
to find out
my neighbours
care about
and take
the time
to read
and poems
and spend
more time
eating and drinking
and pick up
some new
and celebrate
of the small things
and breathe
more consciously
and write
a PhD
and less
'To do' lists

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